Cameron Flores, West Las Vegas High School, "Mr. Lucero made the class interesting and yet fun. He emphasized the important issues such as texting and driving and DWI. What sticks out most about the class is the patience he had during the driving instruction.

Taylor Arauz. Creative Education Prepatory Institute (CEPI).  Mr. Lucero was very patient during driving, a trait extremely important especially when driving in the City.  

Arjay Ortiz, Robertson High School. “Coach’s
School of Driving, is
flexible with their
students and tries their best to schedule around students busy schedules. I recommend
Coach’s School of Driving to all athletes, Coach really understands.

Sebastian Gonzales, Robertson High School, "Driver Ed was a very fun experience, Mr. Lucero always made convenience for his students a priority when it came to scheduling driving.  I 

highly recommend  Coach's School of Driving, Trust me you won't regret it. 

Kiana Gonzales, Volcano Vista High School.  "I appreciate the way the instructors helped all the students individually but made it fun while holding students accountable. Mrs. Lucero was understanding and patient when we did the driving.

Jaylen Gutierrez, West Las Vegas High School “We were very happy with the entire experience. Coach’s School of Driving’s team thoroughly prepared my daughter for her driving test which she passed with flying colors as well as driving on her own. The added convenience of picking the kids up at their houses is huge. Thanks to Manny and Ita on a job well done!!! “.  Robert and Jessica Gutierrez


" Loved your course, it was a very effective and affordable choice.  Your class certainly made me a better driver."   Lexy Chavez, Hope Christian High